How to fix an Apple iPhone 7 that won’t charge

The iPhone 7 is one of the most well-known smartphones on the market right now. It comes with a variety of options and features that make it an excellent option for those looking to be connected. However, one of the most frequently encountered issues users face when using an iPhone 7 is that it isn’t charging. This is a gruelling issue as it could make your phone inoperable. In this article, we’ll examine the root of the issue , and also provide solutions to restore the iPhone 7 charging again.

What is the Problem?

The most frequent issue people face when using an iPhone 7 is that it isn’t charging. This is often very frustrating since it could mean the phone will not function for a while until it is solved. There are several possible causes that we’ll explore in greater depth in the next sections.

What Could Be Causing the Issue?

There are several possible reasons that result in the issue with your iPhone 7 not charging. The most frequent reason is that the charger is not functioning properly. If the charger isn’t functioning properly, then it’s not providing the power your phone requires to charge. Another possibility is that the battery isn’t working correctly. If the battery isn’t functioning properly, it won’t be able to hold the energy from the charger, and your phone won’t charge.

How to Check if Your Charger is Working

The first step in resolving the problem with the issue with your iPhone 7 not charging is to verify that the charger is functioning. For this, connect the charger to a different device like tablets or laptops and determine if it’s capable of charging that device. If the charger can charge another device, it indicates that the charger is functioning and the problem is the phone.

How to Check Your iPhone 7

If the charger works, then the next step would be to verify the functionality of your iPhone 7. For this, you could test a different charger and check if your phone is capable of charging using that charger. If your phone is charging using the new charger, it’s likely that the issue is related to the original charger and not your phone.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve tried a new charger , but the phone still isn’t charging, there are a number of other troubleshooting strategies you could try. One is to test an alternative power source, like a laptop or car charging. If your phone can be charged using a different source of power this means the problem is with the original source of power and not your phone.

The other tip for troubleshooting is to try to reset your phone. To do this, hold and press the power button and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds until you’ve seen an Apple logo. The phone will be reset and could fix the issue with not charging.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried every one of the troubleshooting techniques but you still have no luck, and your iPhone 7 is still not charging, then it’s time to get help from a professional. This can be accomplished by going into one of the Apple retail store, or an expert technician certified. They’ll be able determine the problem and suggest the best method to solve the problem.


The article addressed the problem with having an iPhone 7 not charging. We explored the possible causes behind this issue , and also provided troubleshooting suggestions to help you get your phone to charge again. If your iPhone 7 is not charging, then it’s time to get help from a professional. We hope this article was helpful and that you’re now able have you iPhone 7 charging again.