10 Hidden Windows 10 Photo App Tricks You Must Know

If you’re running an Windows 10 PC, you might be tempted by the idea of installing and run one of your most-loved photo editing programs , and make it the default application.

When installing the features it is recommended to first try your default Windows 10 Photos app try as it comes with a number of less well-known features that are not available in other programs which you could otherwise choose to. Some of these features may be missed unless you are aware of where to locate these features.

Learn from our tips for improving your photography.

1. Add Other Folders to the App

The app by default includes all photos stored in your Pictures folder along with the pictures that you have saved in the OneDrive account. The app does however give users the option of adding additional folders. This makes it simpler to edit photos from other locations.

Here’s how you can include additional folders:

  1. Open the search engine and then open the Photos application for Windows 10 PC. Windows 10 PC.
  2. Select the 3 dots on the top-right , and then choose Settings .
  3. Click Make an existing folder In the next window, click on the folder that you want to include in the application, and then select it, then click This folder should be added to Pictures .

After the folder has been added after which you are able to select any or all of the photos in it to modify the photos.

2. Import Files From an External Drive

Most of the time, you’ll need to upload images taken from an outside source like pen or memory card drive. To do this, simply insert the device into your computer and then click on”Import” on the import icon in the upper-right. The application will identify your drive , and all images will be checked by default. You can click Proceed to add the photos. On the next screen, you’ll be presented with the option to remove the images on your computer.

3. Locate the Photos You Want Quickly

The app will save all your images based on the date on which they were taken (using the images’ EXIF data). Its Collection area on the right contains all the photos organized according to the date (in reverse chronological order). Click the date at top to view other months that you can press to go to.

To search for photos you have just uploaded, visit in the album section, and then click Last upload.

4. Delete, Copy, or Share Multiple Photos in One Go

The app’s handy feature of batch-select lets you copy, delete or upload multiple images at one move. Select all the photos you’d like to apply an action on, and then choose the appropriate option on the right. For sharing photos it is necessary to make sure you’ve signed up to the right apps, like Outlook, Facebook, or Twitter.

Photos you accidentally delete are able to be restored using your computer’s Recycle Bin.

5. Play Images in a Folder as a Slideshow

At this point it is necessary to quit the Photos application.

To play all of your photos in an album in a slideshow, simply start the first picture. If you are greeted with an alert asking you to select the program you’d like to use, click Photos and select “OK. After that, press your button F5 keys on your keyboard, and all of your photos will begin playing in slideshow. You can also utilize your right as well as the right arrow keys to navigate between the files.

6. Enhance Your Photos

The majority of good photo editing software (even apps) come with one-click fixes. This is basically analyzing your photo and then applies basic changes to it. They can make a blurred image more sharp, increasing the image’s brightness as well as contrast, and more.

For applying these fixes via your Photos app, here’s the steps to follow:

  1. Select any image you wish to improve, and after which click on”Edit” on the Edit button in the upper right. It’s where you will find the application’s most powerful editing tools are located.
  2. Click the Filters alternative and then select Enhance your photos on the right side as in the image below.

Similar to the other options in this edit section, make use of the options in the upper-right when you wish to reverse any modification or save the image or create a backup. It is also possible to compare the effect before and after of a change , by using an option to Compare feature selected. If you don’t have the mouse, you can hold and press the CTRL +/ keys to evaluate the last time you made a modification.

7. Crop and Rotate an Image

The options found in the Enhance section (top right) permit quick basic edits like rotating, cropping and straightening your photos. We’ve included several advanced editing tools however, the Photos application lets you perform these tasks in just one click.

8. Add Filters to Your Photo

The Photos app isn’t Instagram in terms of filtering, but it comes with a decent collection of six filters that will enhance your photos. Select the Filters within the Enhancements tab to open these filters. You can choose an option to filter, and then decide its intensity by using a Filter slider within that same area.

If you are feeling that filters included in the Photos app aren’t enough for your needs, there are quite several desktop applications that incorporate Instagram filters on your photographs that you can try.

9. Boost Your Brightness, Contrast, and Temperature

Select to open the Enhancements option after choosing the image. You can alter the contrast, brightness, highlights and shadows of the photograph by clicking and shifting each option to either the left or right (like the circular slider). In the same way, you can select Color on the left to adjust the temperature, tint, hue, and saturation.

10. Create a Video

This Photos app also includes an integrated Video Editor that lets you merge several videos and photos and edit the videos. It also lets you add multimedia elements such as background music or customized audio to the video.

Additionally, if you’re mixing multiple videos in one video, you are able to set various durations for each component.

Make the Most Out of Windows Photos

Windows Photos Windows Photos application may have not been the initial application that pops into your head when you’re looking to modify photos. The app was only able to perform basic capabilities until recently, but the times have changed for the better. It allows everything from changing the size of your image, applying filters, and altering the contrast.

By following the suggestions above with the above tips, you will be able to perform basic editing using Microsoft’s Windows Photos app. If you’re looking for advanced features and a wide range of options, you could consider using free alternative to photos.